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January 03 2010

In 2010 I will…

Last week I started a resolution post of things I’d like to accomplish this year: goals I’d like to reach, places I’d like to go or see myself, etc. Unfortunately, once I hit about 36 on the list, I decided to save it and go to bed (it was nearing 2am). So I did, and the next morning Tumblr did something odd and would not recover the post! So they were gone. Before the year even started and my resolutions were lost in the wind.

It doesn’t change the fact that there are things I’d like for myself this year, and so I’m starting again. A new list, a few days late, but no less resolved.

In 2010 I Will…


Professionally I want 2010 to be all about my platform: evolving my blog to become a well-rounded lifestyle guide and resource with great writing, amazing recipes, and party/home advice; networking and meeting people who will inspire me, guide me, and help me get closer to reaching my goals; building a strong relationship with my audience and readers; promoting myself through all branches of mainstream, online, and alternative media; establishing myself as a lifestyle and homecooking expert. To achieve this I will…

1. Finish writing and editing my narrative cookbook proposal so that it is agent-ready by St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Sign with a literary agent.

3. Get and sign a book deal.

4. Make concrete strides toward working from home full-time in my own employment (saving money, develop freelancing contacts, come up with ideas for other options…dessert catering? party planning? monetizing website?)

5. Double AlwaysOrderDessert.com visits & page views by April 30, then again by August 31, and again by December 31

6. Continue with publicity efforts and secure at least 5 mentions/appearances in 5 major glossy magazines. (So far: Saveur Jan/Feb 2010, Real Simple profile in May, what next?!)

7. Make at least 5 television appearances for lifestyle/food/blogging stories (Possibilities Fox, NBC LX, etc.)

7. Secure at least 15 mentions in 15 major newspapers.

8. Secure at least 20 mentions in 20 major websites/blogs.

9. Develop AlwaysOrderDessert.com to include more lifestyle guide content (party planning advice and ideas, checklists, playlists, resources). Make myself available to answer questions on party planning, recipes, etc. Contribute to more lifestyle stories as expert on this platform.

10. Update AlwaysOrderDessert.com at least 3 times a week.

11. Research midcentury housekeeping and cooking for possible 2nd book project.

12. Answer all blog mail immediately and respond to all Tweets.

13. Treat other bloggers as I like to be treated: Always leave a comment if I read a blog post on another site that I enjoy, that teaches me something new, or that makes me think in some way. Also send emails or leave comments if I try recipes and they come out well or if I have a question. Link back to more bloggers that I enjoy reading. Update my blogroll regularly. It’s a community; remember to be a part of it.


Two of my long-term goals are to create a career for myself that will allow me to work full-time from home and on my own hours and to have a home with a big kitchen and big dining/entertaining areas in a neighborhood I truly love. To do this, I need to take steps towards becoming more frugal so that I waste less money on things I don’t really need and instead invest them in obtaining the things I really want. Therefore I will…

14. Continue to save at least $500 a month (preferably $500 from each paycheck)

15. Bring lunch & breakfast to work at least 3 days a week

16. Spend no more than $12 total on days I buy lunch (including breakfast) [excluding farmer’s market purchases in summer]

17. Buy only used books (also bookswap.com)

18. Buy baking supplies in bulk (flour, chocolate, butter, etc)

19. Participate in Project Hunger

20. Attempt a 1950s Housewife Food Budget for 1 month to inspire creativity and awareness about how much I spend on food and how to be frugal

21. Get in the habit of cutting and using coupons. Write to companies I like for coupons. Buy things on sale.


I want to continue to make my home a place that pleases and comforts me at all times. I want everything in it to be beautiful and meaningful. Therefore I will…

22. Fix couch by restuffing cushions and getting (or making?!) a custom slipcover that doesn’t slide around all over the place.

23. Hang art in bedroom, bathroom, and living room.

24. Replace current bed with a new queen-sized bed and mattress that is comfortable for Eugene and Me

25. Replace big, giant television with slimmer LCD that is more aesthetically pleasing and which frees up a few extra feet of space

26. Fix the kitchen floors or find a creative way to cover them

Creative Endeavors

Continue to grow and nurture the many creative projects and endeavors that capture my attention. Complete projects that I start. Seek the accountability and support of other around me who have similar interests.

27. Learn to use a sewing machine so that I can make my own curtains, clothing, etc.

28. Participate in Project 365 (taking 1 photo of something every single day; at least 1 self portrait a month)

29. Take up canning and create homemade jams and marmalades

30. Continue to develop food photography skills. Take a related class or workshop.

31. Take one writing related class at least every 3 months via local universities, writing schools, or Mediabistro.

32. Join a writer’s group like Morningside Writers

33. Create video podcasts for the blog with how-to videos


Make feeling good the priority for 2010. I’m already aware of the things that make me feel good and energetic, and the things that make me feel sluggish, tired, or bloated. I will incorporate this awareness into my daily life and into the meals that I prepare for myself and my family.

34. Use gym at work at least 8 times a month (ideally twice a week)

35. Find a coach or therapist to work with on ADD issues

36. Order long-term prescriptions online through Medco for larger discounts and more regular schedule

37. Develop habit of drinking green juice for breakfast at 1-3 times a week. (Homemade or from Westerley). Suggest juice bar option at work.

38. Try at least one new vegetable or fruit on every grocery store trip.

39. Minimize refined sugars and flours. Incorporate more whole grains. If whole grain is not an option; then bake/make something that is or choose fruit or protein instead.

Interpersonal Relationships

In 2010 I want to expand my social network to include more women who are out there already doing the things that I want to do and achieve. I want to learn from older women who have years more experience than I do. I want to record history. I want to surround myself with people who can inspire and teach me. Not lose sight of the amazing and brilliant people who already surround me at work, in my family, and in my various social networks.

40. Accept more invitations. Extend more invitations.

41. Reach out to and develop relationships with women who are doing the things I’d like to one day do or who have similar sensibilities and interests.

42. Build relationships with other couples who have similar interests.

43. Meet the neighbors and help create more of a community within in our apartment building.

44. Send thank you notes and letters whenever I receive a gift or gesture from someone.

45. Send letters or emails to the writers of any books I read and enjoy (if they are still living, of course)


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